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Drink less, but drink better !

On the night of 5 to 6 March, members had a grooming of the Evin Law and decided to vote an amendment which aims to prohibit the practice of open bar. This measure is clearly an answer to the consumption of spirits in France, which has over time significantly impact on issues of volume, often at the expense of the quality of products ingested. In this rather optimistic, yet we believe that there is a way of talking and drinking, without falling into the excesses and the stigma of this product. Principle which has persisted in many other countries producing premium spirits. For is it not primarily a question of education and cultural approach especially in a geographical context to the source of the story, much richer, spirits and the mixology.

Just look at history to see that Guignolet, Triple Sec and other vermouth are really at the forefront of local pride and hexagonal have contributed significantly to the beautiful cocktail hours across the Atlantic. Unfortunately, marketing and its consumerist doctrines have gone through there and have erased a whole taste of this heritage, preferring Alcohol tasteless, mass-produced and consumed without quality. Thence to admit that we joined the ravages of poor food, no doubt.

It is therefore important to teach people to eat less to eat better. By doing a little more appealing to the senses, common sense, of course, but also to that which governs the taste. And for establishing new criteria for assessment, prepared to say that a minimum education. Remove the juice and soft drinks, often associated with damage to the world of cocktail while generating a sugar that removes any subtlety and focus on the flavors and aromas in alcohol, even those obtained by an association. Above all, consider the intake of these beverages as a moment of pleasure and taste, and not simply as a means to vent his thirst coupled with a need for disinhibition.

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Thierry Daniel

Spirits side

Thierry Daniel

Organizer of Whisky Live Paris since its founding in 2003, he was sales and marketing manager at La Maison du Whisky and his extensive product awareness has enabled him to gain considerable expertise in the spirits sector.

Eric Fossard

Cocktails side


Professional bartender since 1994, he has spent ten years in London (Monte’s, Che, Cecconi’s), he worked with some of the greatest names in the profession. In 2006, he helped found the International Bar Business School (IBBS), and contributed to the restoration of the E.U.V.S. on the Ile de Bendor. His experience provide him with all-round, international knowledge of the bar business.

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